Store-bought Food vs. Settling for Mediocre

browniesI was eating a bite of this brownie cake from a local grocery store, when I saw a comparison to people settling for something, or rather someone mediocre…

We all know how it tastes when you take a bite out of perhaps a brownie from your local grocery store, and it’s got that processed taste that kinda resembles cardboard, or *insert awkward taste here*… Don’t get me wrong, buying store-bought food is not a bad thing. (: It can be a great economic save and more efficient. In fact, I am not saying don’t do it! But, sometimes that “cardboard taste” is dissatisfying, yet we still continue to eat it…

My point of this whole “store-bought” rant above is to say that in a way, people will do this, but with other people. Just as you take that first bite of the brownie, it doesn’t taste that great, yet you continue to take another bite in hope that it will taste better. After another bite and another, you get used to that “cardboard taste.” Unfortunately, men and women do this during the process of dating or even while on the “lookout” for someone. When they find someone, they settle so quickly, they do not give themselves the time to discern, or pray and think about that potential, or said relationship. So even when they have a gut feeling in their stomach that something does not feel right, they continue to see or date their boyfriend or girlfriend. I also find women, particularly young girls doing this and then they wonder why they leave the relationship feeling empty and scarred. I am also guilty of this…being interested in a guy and not raising my standards, or just throwing my heart out too soon and too quickly.

We must realize that we deserve better than just a “sleeping partner” or somebody to make us feel ______.  Proper discernment and patience are key words to not settling for less or just mediocre. You deserve better than “eh.” So, keep in mind when you’re thinking about looking for your life partner or even just buying that brownie cake at your local grocery store, you are worth the effort and worth the time. You are worth dying for.



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